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Mothership Voyages

Yogis traveling lightly on the Earth

Welcome to RISHI RETREATS!  We’re a global community of Yoga teachers, Earth Custodians, Raw food Chefs, Cleanse Coaches, and Super Food Lovers. We create, joyful adventures for the Soul, hosting & facilitating transformational Immersions, in some of the most remote, high frequency destinations on our planet. Our mission is to support healthy lifestyles merging yoga, earth consciousness, and Universal Oneness. RISHI RETREATS is a way of life that we can’t live with out. We invite you to join us for KUNDALINI REBIRTH Winter Solstice Retreat December 15th-22nd in Nosara Costa Rica.


2 Comments on “Home

  1. Peace,

    Hope this message finds you well. Please send me information about the Moon Womb retreat in July.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Nathea,
      I completely missed your request. I will keep you updated for the next one which will be in Costa Rica. If I hold another retreat in the Fall I will let you know.
      Peace & Light,

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